SAINT JOAN (1957) 19513

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United Artists One Sheet Poster 27x41 Linen backed. Very Fine

Original United Artists OneSheet Poster (27x41) for the Otto Preminger epic biography, SAINT JOAN (1957) starring Richard Widmark, Richard Todd, Anton Walbrook, and Jean Seberg. Adapted for screen by Graham Greene based on the play by George Bernard Shaw, this film is the story of Saint Joan of Arc, a peasant girl born in eastern France, who led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years' War (1335-1453) and was indirectly responsible for the coronation of Charles VII. Joan (Seberg in her film debut) is presented as a divinely inspired innocent while the all-male ensemble that surround her are all scheming, Machiavellian opportunists who treat religion as a tool to be used and manipulated for their own ends. Joan is portrayed as both saint and madwoman, while Widmark portrays the future king of France in a frenzied and comic caricature. With stunning art by legendary Saul Bass, this original one sheet poster is linen-backed and in very fine plus condition.

Sir John Gielgud - Actor
Richard Widmark - Actor
Harry Andrews - Actor
Richard Todd - Actor
Jean Seberg - Actor
Sir Bernard Miles - Actor
Finlay Currie - Actor
Norman Rossington - Actor

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