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Original Italian 2 Fogli Poster (39x55). Luigi Martinati Artwork. Folded. Very Fine.

Original Italian 2 Fogli Poster (39x55) for the Gordon Douglas adventure, SANTIAGO (1956) starring Alan Ladd, Rossana Podesta, Lloyd Nolan, and Chill Wills. One of the few films to deal with the Cuban Rebellion in 1895 when Cuba finally became tired of being a Spanish colony-- Ladd and Nolan play two rival gunrunners, trying to sell guns to rebels fighting against the Spanish. Ladd's costar is the beautiful Rossana Podesta. Warners had huge hopes for the Italian newcomer when they cast her in one of their biggest productions of 1956 - HELEN OF TROY opposite Jacques Sernas. But Podesta, although she garnered a fairly well known international presence, did not really catch on in the United States. She did make this one other film for Warners, SANTIAGO, directed by Gordon Douglas With artwork by Luigi Martinati, this original Italian poster is folded and in very fine condition.

Lloyd Nolan - Actor
Rossana Podesta - Actor
Chill Wills - Actor
Paul Fix - Actor
L.Q. Jones - Actor
Frank DeKova - Actor
George J. Lewis - Actor
Royal Dano - Actor
Nacho Galindo - Actor
Frank Yaconelli - Actor

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