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Original Walt Disney Productions Six Sheet Poster (81x81). Good Condition.

Original Walt Disney Productions Six Sheet Poster (81x81) for the Norman Tokar western family drama, SAVAGE SAM (1963)--starring Brian Keith, Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, and Jeff York. This film was promoted as a sequel to the very popular Disney favorite, OLD YELLER (1957) and tells the story of Old Yeller's son, Savage Sam. The three original brothers (Kirk, Corcoran, and York) have grown up and wind up getting kidnapped by a tribe of Native Americans, but Kirk manages to get away. When their uncle (Keith) and his posse find Kirk, Savage Sam proves invaluable in tracking the kids down and aiding in their rescue. Please note that the photograph of this poster is a linen-backed version in very fine condition, but this six sheet poster is in good condition and has not been linen-backed. Ask us about linen-backing.

Brian Keith - Actor
Tommy Kirk - Actor
Marta Kristen - Actor
Slim Pickens - Actor
Kevin Corcoran - Actor
Dewey Martin - Actor
Jeff York - Actor
Rafael Campos - Actor
Dean Fredericks - Actor

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