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Universal Pictures Original Italian Four Foglio Poster (79x55) Re-release of 1962 Folded Very Fine Condition Art by Franco Picchioni

Original SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943) four foglio poster, folded, 79x55. SHADOW OF A DOUBT was reputed to be Hitchcock's favorite of all his films. And it certainly is one of most chilling of Hitchcock's films of the 1940s. Joseph Cotten is Teresa Wright's uncle. After many years of uncertain travel, he comes to Santa Rosa, California to stay with his sister. Wright fairly worships her debonair and mysterious uncle until certain disturbing traits begin to unravel some sinister secrets. Hitchcock plays the unraveling of affection and confidence into doubt, distress and finally terror with the directorial sureness for which he is remembered. This four foglio poster measures 79x55, so it is a big poster. It is printed on two separate panels, an upper and lower panel, which are joined together to display as one poster. Spectacular and big. This would be dramatic in any room, but so great in a home theater. This poster is for a re-release in Italy. The year of the reissue is 1962. So the poster has a somewhat more modernist illustrative approach, with art by Franco Picchioni. This very wonderful re-release Italian 2-sheet is in very fine condition, even though it was used in an Italian cinema. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic Italian poster, vintage and original. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

Joseph Cotten - Actor
Teresa Wright - Actor
MacDonald Carey - Actor
Henry Travers - Actor
Hume Cronyn - Actor
Wallace Ford - Actor
Irv Bacon - Actor

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