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Original Italian Four-Foglio Poster 79x55 Folded Very Fine Condition

Original Italian Four-Foglio poster for the film SLAVERS (1978). A West German production, the German title is DIE SKALAVENJAGER. The Italian title is RAZZA SCHIAVA. The film was directed by Jurgen Goslar and is one of the most rabid examples of black exploitation to ever grace The Cinema. There are beatings, blood, cruelty to animals, sex and unrepentant cruelty laced up with a lot of high-toned expository dialogue about the evils of "the peculiar institution." Two of the main slavers are facing a decrease in business as slavery is coming to an end in the west -- and each is out to get the other's business. The Italian poster does not disappoint is distilling the fear and loathing in this movie. Interestingly one of England's finest actors, Trevor Howard, is the lead and the rest of the cast includes Britt Ekland, Ray Milland, Helen Morgan. Tarzan player Ron Ely and Cameron Mitchell. This is a large Italian poster called a four-foglio. This poster, is comprised of two panels - and upper and a lower panel - which are joined together to display as one big poster. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions, and we guarantee that this poster is authentic, vintage, original.

JURGEN GOSLAR - Actor/Director
Trevor Howard - Actor
Ron Ely - Actor
Britt Ekland - Actor
Helen Morgan - Actor
Cameron Mitchell - Actor

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