SOLAR FILM, THE (1980) 8416

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Original Warner Brothers Poster (23x31). Folded. Very Fine Condition.

THE SOLAR FILM was a short film premiered at the 1980 Chicago Film Festival. The film was made by the American illustrator and designer Saul Bass and his wife Elaine Bass. The film is intriguing look at the sun - what it is, but also what it means for us culturally and biologically. This exquisite poster features photography by the Basses. They got help producing this incredible short film (running time 28 minutes) from NASA, Warner Communications, Southern California Edison, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Solar Energy Research Insitute. One of the rare Saul Bass posters. This poster was made available to non-theatrical venues such as Universities and military theaters. This original poster is folded and in very fine condition.

SAUL BASS - Director
ELAINE BASS - Director

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