STAND UP AND CHEER! (1934) 6193 Stone Lithograph Movie Poster (27x41) Shirley Temple Warner Baxter Madge Evans

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Original Fox Film Corporation One-Sheet Poster (27x41). Royal Theater Collection. Art by Russell Patterson.. Linen-Backed. Very Fine To Near Mint Condition.

Original Fox Film Corporation One-Sheet Poster (27x41) for the Hamilton MacFadden depression-era musical fantasy, STAND UP AND CHEER! (1934) starring Warner Baxter, Madge Evans, and Shirley Temple. The cast was amplified by a motley group of Fox players: John Boles, Sylvia Froos, Arthur Byron, Ralph Morgan, Nigel Bruce, "Skins" Miller, Lucien LIttlefield, Nick Foran, Mitchell & Durant, as well as the famous black character actor Stepin Fetchit. The premise of this film is that Americans can beat the depression by learning to smile, to laugh, and eventually, to "stand up and cheer." Baxter has the main role as the Secretary of Amusement, a post that Will Rogers had already suggested at the beginning of the depression. Shirley Temple, easily the most famous and popular child star of all time, was five-years-old at the time of this film was made and had already appeared in a series of features and shorts. But in this film, by singing, dancing and pure charm, she marched her way straight into America's heart. Indeed, by 1935 she would begin to star in a string of classic family films. This original stone lithograph one-sheet poster is linen-backed and in very fine to near mint condition. The great art on this poster is by the illustrator Russell Patterson. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this poster is authentic. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

Shirley Temple - Actor
Warner Baxter - Actor
Stepin Fetchit - Actor
Madge Evans - Actor
Sylvia Froos - Actor
Arthur Byron - Actor
Ralph Morgan - Actor
Nigel Bruce - Actor
John "Skins" Miller - Actor
Dick Foran - Actor
James Dunn - Actor
Lucien Littlefield - Actor
Tess Gardella - Actor
Frank Mitchell - Actor
Jack Durant - Actor
Arthur Loft - Actor

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