TOM HORN (1980) 29889 Movie Poster (14x36) Rolled Steve McQueen William Wiard Bud Shrake Art by John Alvin

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Original U.S. Insert Poster (14x36) Fine Plus to Very Fine Condition

Original Warner Brothers Insert poster (14x36) for William Wiard noir western, TOM HORN (1980) starring Steve McQueen, Linda Evans, Richard Farnsworth, and Billy Green Bush. One of the more under-appreciated films of Steve McQueen, TOM HORN failed at the box office, and when one views it today, it's hard to understand exactly why. It's a realistic but beautiful film, wonderfully photographed by John Alonzo in Panavision and Technicolor, with a good script by the legendary Texas writer, the late Bud Shrake. Tom Horn was one of the infamous killers of the old west, a man who had played a crucial part in the surrender of Geronimo. He had served with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and had worked for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. His life as an outlaw began when he hired himself out to some cattle barons in Wyoming involved in a brutal range war. It is at this point in Horn's life that McQueen decides to begin his film. It's an engaging film about an old western outlaw-killer at the time when the Old West was in transition to the Modern West. Don Siegel was McQueen's first choice to direct, but the film ended up in the hands of a TV director, William Wiard after three other directors (including at one point McQueen himself) bailed. We will never know what this film might have been in the hands of a master director, but what we see here is nevertheless worth watching. This original insert is rolled and in fine plus to very fine condition. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this poster is authentic. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

Steve McQueen 1 - Actor
Slim Pickens - Actor
Richard Farnsworth - Actor
Elisha Cook Jr. - Actor
Geoffrey Lewis - Actor

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