TOMB OF LIGEIA (1965) 4881

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Original American International Pictures Three Sheet Poster (41x81). Fine Condition.

This is an original American International Pictures Three Sheet Poster (41x81) for the Roger Corman horror thriller, THE TOMB OF LIGEIA (1964) starring Vincent Price and Elizabeth Shepherd. Based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, this was one of a series of films made by Corman in the 1960's based on the works of Poe. This is the story of a nobleman (Price) who lives in a crumbling abbey and is obsessed with his late wife Ligeia. He believes that his new bride is possessed by the evil spirit of his dead wife. Shepherd plays both the satanic Ligeia and the seductive Lady Rowena. Though this film is an understated horror film in that the horror is mostly implied rather than shown directly, it is still frightening because of the strong, dream-like quality and the eerie mood that Corman creates. Originally folded, this original six sheet poster is in fine condition. There are some stresses along the fold lines, some small tears and holes, and some discoloration and staining.

Vincent Price - Actor
Elizabeth Shepherd - Actor

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