TRIGGER SMITH (1939) 25173 Jack Randall Cowboy Movie Poster

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Original Monogram Studio Insert Poster 14x36 Paper-Backed Fine Condition

Original insert poster for TRIGGER SMITH (1939), a Monogram western starring Jack Randall. Addison Byron Owen Randall was a good looking young man when he began a career as a supporting actor in films for RKO. "Poverty Row" studio Monogram soon offered him a contract which would allow him to star in films and he accepted. He made a number of western films for Monogram and over the course of his career he appeared in nearly forty movies. This poster is an unusual style for Monogram - almost portrait photography of Jack Randall. The poster has been expertly paperbacked to improve it's general appearance and presents as very fine. Randall was married twice, actually three times. Twice to actress Louise Stanley and finally to Barbara Bennett, the younger, less well-known sister of Constance and Joan Bennett. He was quite a ladies man as he carried on a wild affair with silent film star legend Louise Brooks. This is absolutely the authentic insert poster for this 1939 film. MovieArt will sell no reproductions

ALAN JAMES - Director
Frank Yaconelli - Actor
Ed Cassidy - Actor
Bobby Clack - Actor
Warner Richmond - Actor
Dennis Moore - Actor
George O'Brien - Actor
Forrest Taylor - Actor
Jim Corey - Actor
Reed Howes - Actor
Milton Kibbee - Actor
Bud Osborne - Actor
Joyce Bryant - Actor
Addison Randall - Actor

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