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20th Century Fox Original Scene Lobby Card (11x14) GREGORY RATOFF and LAWRENCE TIBBETT

20th Century Fox Original Scene Lobby Card for the very first film directed by Otto Preminger for a major U.S. studio. The film starred the opera baritone Lawrence Tibbett and Wendy Barrie. Tibbett had been signed to do film for Fox, but the first outing, METROPOLITAN (1935) had been a flop and Darryl F. Zanuck was interested in fulfilling Tibbett's contract and getting 20th Century Fox free of him. He assigned a newcomer to direct the film and it was efficiently brought in - and under budget. Tibbett plays a singer who is tired of performing and tired of his fans and mostly tired of the endless publicity stunts he is required to do by his manager, played by Gregory Ratoff. He calls it quits and moves to his home in the mountains of New Mexico. There the hometown folks throw a big shindig for him. But a Chicago socialite who has contracted with Ratoff to have Tibbett sing at a private party goes after the singer to make sure he fulfills his contract. A romance ensues which ends with the woman getting a good spanking from the opera star. Tibbett and Ratoff are shown in western card back in old New Mexico. Lawrence Tibbett would appear in one other film after this one - in 1949 for Joseph L. Mankiewicz' HOUSE OF STRANGERS. MovieArt Austin guarantees this this scene card is authentic, vintage, original. Condition is very fine plus. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

Lawrence Tibbett - Actor
Wendy Barrie - Actor

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