WHIP, THE (1928) 25388

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First National Original Three Sheet Poster 49 X 76 Linen backed. Fine Plus to Very Fine

The Whip in the title refers to a horse named The Whip. The story involves a British aristocrat who suffers amnesia and during his illness becomes involved in the training of a promising horse for a race as Ascot. Add some melodrama, some scandal and some shennannigans and you have the plot of this 1928 programmer. Like many silent films on the cusp of the sound era, the film was shot as both a silent and a sound (vitaphone) film. Dorothy Mackaill, Ralph Forbes, Anna Q. Nilsson and Lowell Sherman lead the cast. The film is directed by Charles Brabin. But we are impressed with the absolutely spectacular artistry and craft of this beautiful three sheet. Three sheets are large format postersr, and they measure 41 inches by 81 inches. This poster is a gorgeous example of stone lithography at its best. The poster is beautifuilly linen backed and we have graded it as fine plus to very fine.

Dorothy MacKaill - Actor
Ralph Forbes - Actor
Anna Q. Nilsson - Actor
Jack McDonald - Actor

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