WHISTLER, THE (1944) 9267

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Original Columbia Pictures Scene Lobby Card (11x14). Very Fine.

Original Columbia Pictures Scene Lobby Card (11x14) for the William Castle film noir, THE WHISTLER (1944) starring Richard Dix, Gloria Stuart, and J. Carrol Naish. Originally a popular radio series, The Whistler was adapted into a film noir series of eight films by Columbia Pictures. In the first seven films, Dix played the main character in the story but a different character in each film. In this first film in the series, he plays a depressed man who hires (through an intermediary) an assassin to kill him when he least expects it, but then decides he doesn't really want to die but doesn't know the identity of the real assassin. This original scene lobby card is in very fine condition.

J.Carrol Naish - Actor
Richard Dix - Actor
Gloria Stuart - Actor
Robert Homans - Actor

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