WILD DAKOTAS, THE (1956) 25545

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Italian 4-foglio First Release 79x55 Folded Fine Plus Condition. Art by Enzo Nistri

Sam Newfield, who produced and directed this western was 59 years old when it was released in 1956. Newfield, was also known as Sigmund Neufeld was a producer and director of mostly action films and he veered towards westerns. This film which was set in the Dakotas tells the tales of bad guys who are out to steal Indian lands and the efforts of a settler to prevent an Indian conflict. Ordinary enough. But what is not ordinary is this wonderful Italian 4-foglio with amazing art by Enzo Nistri. 4-foglio posters, also called 4-sheets, are printed on TWO individual panels which are then joined together to display as one poster. Condition is fine plus. Absolutely worth linen-backing. Ask us about poster restoration and conservations. Authentic first-release material. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions.

Bill Williams - Actor
Coleen Gray - Actor
Jim Davis - Actor
Iron Eyes Cody - Actor
Chief Yowlachie - Actor
John Litel - Actor
Lisa Montell - Actor
John Miljan - Actor

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