YOUNG PEOPLE (1940) 19951

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20th Century Fox Three Sheet Poster (41.5 x 80.5). Stone lithograph. Linen-backed. Fine condition.

The greatest child star that Hollywood had ever seen, Shirley Temple, was 12 years old - on the verge of adolescence - at at the very end of her Fox contract. She plays an orphan that is a adopted by a show business couple, Jack Oakie and Charlotte Greenwood. The family moves to a new town and they aren't welcomed until Oakie proves a hero after a big storm upsets the locals. All is forgiven and the three sing and dance their way into the townspeople's hearts -- and hopefully into the audiences. It's not a great musical, but once again Shirley Temple demonstrated how she could carry a film whether she was five years old or almost a teenager. A scarce three sheet on an older style linen backing.

Shirley Temple - Actor
ALLAN DWAN - Director
Jack Oakie - Actor
Charlotte Greenwood - Actor
Mae Marsh - Actor
Irv Bacon - Actor

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