ZEE AND CO. (1971) 22436 Movie Lobby Card Elizabeth Taylor Susannah York Michael Caine Brian G. Hutton

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Columbia Pictures Original Lobby Card 11x14 Very Fine Condition

Original Columbia Pictures lobby scene card for the Brian G. Hutton sexual melodrama, X, Y AND ZEE (1972) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Cain, Susannah York, and Margaret Leighton. Set in swinging London of the 1970s, Zee (Taylor) and Robert (Cain) are members of the social elite whose unique love-hate marriage heads towards destruction when he falls in love with a beautiful young widow names Stella (York). Taylor is near the top of her game as the soulless and relentlessly destructive monster we already saw her artfully portray in the earlier WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? This original one sheet poster is folded and in very fine plus condition. This film was released in England as ZEE AND COMPANY. Buy this card with any order over $25.00 and there is NO shipping.

Sir Michael Caine - Actor
Dame Elizabeth Taylor - Actor
Susannah York - Actor
BRIAN G. HUTTON - Director
Margaret Leighton - Actor

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