ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (1972) 27625 Rare David Bowie Record Poster

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RCA Records and Tapes 1972 Promotional Poster 20x35 Very Fine Condition RARE

Original RCA Records and Tapes Promotional Poster, intended for display in record stores, advertising the release of the classic David Bowie LP, THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS. David Bowie was signed to RCA in 1971, and while he was known in Britain, he was virtually unknown in the U.S.A. Despite a favorable critical response to his first RCA record, HUNKY DORY(1971), his work was largely ignored in America. ZIGGY STARDUST was a groundbreaking record both for Bowie and for pop music in general because it married rock music to theatrical presentation in a way that had not quite been done before. Bowie began giving concerts and appearing as the character in his record. When the album was released in June of 1972 in the U.S., RCA did not quite know how to promote him. This poster was made from art that was done by George Underwood, a longtime friend of Bowie's. This poster went out to record stores through interaction with RCA's salesmen. It has been shown over the years to be quite rare, and, in this condition, it is quite amazing. Curiously, Bowie look almost Black in this representation. But the tagline "David Bowie IS Ziggy Stardust" indicates that someone was aware of the chameleon-like nature of Bowie's art. MovieArt Austin is proud to offer this poster. We are absolutely sure that this poster is authentic. MovieArt will sell no reproductions.

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