AMERICAN POP (1981) 1159

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SPECIAL POSTER (27X34) for AMERICAN POP (1981) Ralph Bakshi Animation Film

This is a special poster for AMERICAN POP (1981), the Ralph Bakshi animation film that chronicled American pop music from the jazz age to the beginning of the 1980s. Of course, that narrative is now very incomplete. The art is attributed to Bakshi, but we are not sure about this. What is unusual about the poster - and we have not seen another example of this poster at auction - is the size (27x34) and the design alteration with the title of the film at the top of the poster. We think that this may have been a soundtrack poster, but we cannot be sure. We simply have not seen another example of this poster. The poster was folded. Whatever it is, it is printed on paper much like the U.S. one-sheet poster. We have a high degree of confidence that this poster is not a knock-off or reprint of any kind. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.


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