ASK ANY GIRL (1959) 4507

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Original MGM Three Sheet Poster (41x81). Unused. Folded. Very fine condition.

Original MGM Three Sheet Poster (41x81) for the Charles Walters romantic comedy, ASK ANY GIRL (1959) starring David Niven, Shirley MacLaine, Gig Young, and Rod Taylor. Meg (MacLaine) is a refreshingly innocent, naive, quirky, and good-natured heroine who goes to New York thinking that success is just a step away. She stumbles into a job at a market research firm run by two brothers, opposite types, one of whom (Niven) decides to shape her into the kind of woman his brother (Young) should fall in love with. Naturally, his little scheme backfires, and he ends up falling in love with his creation. This original and unused three sheet poster is folded and in very fine condition.

Sir David Niven - Actor
Shirley MacLaine - Actor
Gig Young - Actor
Jim Backus - Actor
Kasey Rogers - Actor

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