HOUSE OF WOMEN (1962) 13108 Movie Poster Original Three-Sheet Poster 41x81 Folded Shirley Knight Constance Ford Barbara Nichols Margaret Hayes Jeanne Cooper

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Original U.S. Three-Sheet Poster (41x81) Folded Average Used Conditioni

War Bros Original U.S. Three-Sheet Poster (41x81) for the Walter Doniger directed exploitation film HOUSE OF WOMEN (1962). And it's not just any house; it's the Big House. The movie stars Shirley Knight, Andrew Duggan, Constance Ford, Barbara Nichols, Margaret Hayes and Jeanne Cooper. This poster has some of the best taglines ever. In garish duotone orange and black. Do not tangle with these girls! Three sheets are large format posters which are comprised of two separate panels which are joined together to present as one poster. Be sure you have room for it! This is a stock image. Be sure to ask for a photo of the actual example of the poster that we are selling. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas does not sell reproductions.

Shirley Knight - Actor
Andrew Duggan - Actor
Barbara Nichols - Actor
Jeanne Cooper - Actor
Constance Ford - Actor
Jeanne Carmen - Actor
Margaret Hayes - Actor

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