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RKO Pictures Original Italian Poster Special Size 55x59 Condition Fair to Good Art by Deseta

RKO Pictures Original Italian Poster. This poster is a special size, almost a perfect square. This western was directed by Tim Whelan and starred Randolph Scott, George "Gabby" Hayes, Ann Richards, Ray Collins, Chief Thundercloud and James Warren. Scott plays Mark Rowley, a lawman, who scours the territory north of Texas and west of the Oklahoma border. The area is just chock full of outlaws and other nefarious types. Rowley is after the James Gang. His brother Johnny is with him, and soon The Dalton Gang start to recruit Johnny to join them. Throw in a little romance and an appearance of Chief Thundercloud as Chief Tahlequah, and you have BADMAN'S TERRITORY. The film made half a million dollars for RKO, not a bad haul, and spawned a slew of sequels. This poster was used in a cinema in Italy and has some wear. It should be restored. With impressive lawman art by Deseta, it is worth restoring. Deseta has placed Chief Thundercloud obscured in the background with a skeptical look. The chief is no doubt contemplating the lawlessness that abounds. This is a large format poster and it is printed on two separate panels which are joined together to present as one poster. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic Italian poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

TIM WHELAN - Director
Randolph Scott - Actor
George "Gabby" Hayes - Actor
Ann Richards - Actor
Ray Collins - Actor
Chief Thundercloud - Actor
James Warren - Actor
Morgan Conway - Actor
Richard Hale - Actor
Lawrence Tierney - Actor
Tom Tyler - Actor
Ben Johnson - Actor
Kermit Maynard - Actor
Robert J. Wilke - Actor
Robert Homans - Actor

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