BOOM TOWN (1940) 30001 Italian Movie Poster (79x55) Clark Gable Spencer Tracy Claudette Colbert Hedy Lamarr Jack Conway Art by Ercole Brini

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Original Italian Four-Foglio Movie Poster (79x55) Folded Very Good Plus Condition

Original MGM Italian Movie Poster (79x55) for the Jack Conway directed drama BOOM TOWN (1940). There have been many Hollywood films made about the wildcatting, high-rolling oil business. Drilling, making a strike, getting rich, going broke, getting drunk, and doing it all over again. A great classic in this territory is BOOM TOWN. The film stars Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Claudette Colbert, and Hedy Lamarr. This quartet was big stardom at MGM in August of 1940, when this film was released in the U.S. The film follows the fortunes and follies of two oilmen, played by Gable and Tracy, with incredible chemistry, who are in love with the same woman over two decades. High drama ensues. The supporting cast is also vintage MGM, including Frank Morgan, Lionel Atwill, Chill Wills and Marion Martin. This was the third and final picture that Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable made together, and the only other picture that Gable appeared in with Claudette Colbert, the first being IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. The Italian title translates as "The Oil Fever". The title is well chosen as both characters seem to run with oil in their veins. This is one of the great posters of Ercole Brini, his distinct style never being more apparent. This poster was used in an cinema in Italy. The film was not released in Italy until after the end of World War II, and we think the release date in Italy to be between 1947 and 1948. This poster is a large format poster which is printed on two separate panels. These panels are joined together to present as one poster. We recommend linen-backing for the poster. Be sure that you have room for it, if you intend to display it. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this poster is original, vintage, authentic. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

Clark Gable - Actor
Claudette Colbert - Actor
Hedy Lamarr - Actor
Spencer Tracy - Actor
JACK CONWAY - Director
Frank Morgan - Actor
Lionel Atwill - Actor
Chill Wills - Actor
Marion Martin - Actor
Minna Gombell - Actor
Joe Yule - Actor
Horace Murphy - Actor
Richard Lane - Actor
George Lessey - Actor
Frank Orth - Actor
Barbara Bedford - Actor
Hank Bell - Actor
Francis X. Bushman Jr. - Actor
Charles Coleman - Actor
Dick Curtis - Actor
Franklyn Farnum - Actor
Pat Flaherty - Actor
Bess Flowers - Actor
Holmes Herbert - Actor
Jack Ingram - Actor
Mitchell Lewis - Actor
Tom London - Actor

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