MAID OF SALEM (1937) 30986 Movie Poster (11x14) Fred MacMurray Claudette Colbert Frank Lloyd

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Original U.S. Scene Lobby Card (11x14) Fine Plus Condition

Paramount Pictures Original U.S. Portrait Lobby Card of Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert. The film is Frank Lloyd's MAID OF SALEM (1937). A young woman falls for a handsome adventurer, but the good fathers of Salem suspect witchcraft. A date with the stake is a possiblity, but the young woman is saved by her beau. Paramount had a giant cast for this one, odd because the run time was only 85 minutes. Other cast members include Harvey Stephens, Gle Sondergaard, Louise Dresser, Edward Ellis, Bonita Granville and Beulah Bondi. A handsome card, but with some damage, about two inches, to the right edge. Repaired with archival tissue. Otherwise, fine. There is also a small ding in the background area. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this lobby card is authentic

FRANK LLOYD - Director
Claudette Colbert - Actor
Fred MacMurray - Actor
Harvey Stephens - Actor
Gale Sondergaard - Actor
Louise Dresser - Actor
Edward Ellis - Actor
Beulah Bondi - Actor
Bonita Granville - Actor
Virginia Weidler - Actor
Donald Meek - Actor
Pedro de Cordoba - Actor
Lucy Beaumont - Actor
William Farnum - Actor
Sterling Holloway - Actor
Mary Treen - Actor
J. Farrell MacDonald - Actor
Stanley Fields - Actor
Agnes Ayres - Actor
Chief John Big Tree - Actor
Fritzi Brunette - Actor
Carol Holloway - Actor
Clarence Kolb - Actor
Vera Lewis - Actor
George Magrill - Actor
James A. Marcus - Actor

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