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Original Italian 4 Fogli Poster (55x79). Folded. Very Fine Plus Condition.

Original Italian 4 Fogli Poster (55x79) for the J. Lee Thompson crime thriller, CAPE FEAR (1962) starring Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, and Polly Bergen. Enduringly suspenseful, dark, edgy, and profound-- in this 1962 thriller, ex-con Max Cady (Mitchum) terrorizes the family of Georgia prosecutor Max Bowden (Peck), whom Cady blames for his incarceration. Mitchum's Cady is intelligent, patient, meticulous, and brutal-- a terrifyingly realistic villain who drives the otherwise upstanding Bowden to desperate, erroneous means. CAPE FEAR illuminates the ethical boundaries of a man protecting his family, and the prosaic violence and constant threat of sexual assault make the film incredibly adult. Although director Lee J. Thompson was careful to never use the word "rape" in the film or to depict any sexual violence, the sheer intimation made censors wary and thus the film was cut in some countries. This original Italian poster is folded and in very fine plus condition.

Robert Mitchum - Actor
Gregory Peck - Actor
J. LEE THOMPSON - Director
Polly Bergen - Actor
Lori Martin - Actor
Martin Balsam - Actor
Telly Savalas - Actor
Barrie Chase - Actor
Edward Platt - Actor
Jack Kruschen - Actor

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