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Monogram Pictures Original Lobby Cards (11x14) Very Fine Title Card Included

Original grouping of four scene lobby cards and the title card from the 1945 Monogram film CHINA'S LITTLE DEVILS (1945). The film was directed by Monta Bell. These little Devils were ostensibly giving the Japanese HELL in this poverty row studio film from the very end of the war. No less a light than Harry Carey was enlisted in the movie. He plays a doctor. Also look for future Mousketeer Jimmie Dodd. The crime is that the little devil's were not all credited in the movie. So here they are: Chin Kuang Chow, George Chan, Didi Chang, Kenneth Chuck, Marlow Chuck, Marlowe Chuck, Bobby Chung, Walter Eng, James B. Leong, Jr., Charles Luck, Jr., Wesley Luck, Ben Quon, Howard Soo Hoo, Walter Soo Hoo, and Roland Tso. There!!! MovieArt guarantees that these lobby cards are vintage, authentic cards that date from the first release of this film in the U.S. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

Harry Carey - Actor
Paul Kelly - Actor
MONTA BELL - Director
Jimmie Dodd - Actor
Richard Loo - Actor
Philip Ahn - Actor

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