CITIZEN KANE (1941) 16435

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Turner Home Entertainment Video Release Poster (27x39) 50th Anniversary 1991. Folded. Very Fine.

The year 1991 marked the 50th Anniversary of the release by RKO of Orson Welles Masterpiece, CITIZEN KANE. This poster is a point-of-promotion poster for the laser-disc which was prepared for release in that year. This is not a poster for theatrical display. Neither is it several thousand dollars. If you would like a poster for the film that has a bit of history but it not too pricey, this presents a very nice option. The poster measures 27x39, so it is not quite as big as a full one-sheet. The condition is folded, but very fine. Please know that this is NOT a reproduction but an authentic poster made for display in video shops. The laser disc was released by Image Entertainment for Turner Home Video.

Joseph Cotten - Actor
ORSON WELLES - Actor/Director
Agnes Moorehead - Actor
Ray Collins - Actor
Everett Sloane - Actor
Paul Stewart - Actor
Erskine Sanford - Actor
Roland Winters - Actor
Edward Ryan - Actor
Edith Evanson - Actor

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