CUSTER'S LAST RAID (1912) 30585 (CUSTER'S LAST FIGHT) Herald From The Re-release of 1925 Francis Ford William Eagle Shirt Clayton Monroe Teters Grace Cunard

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Original 9x18 Herald Rerelease of 1925 Very Good Average Condition Printed on both sides

This herald dates from the 1925 re-release of a film which first appeared as CUSTER'S LAST RAID (1912). The epic silent movie restages the battle of the LIttle Big Horn, where Native American and U.S. Cavalry forces clashed in a bloody battle. Custer's defeat became notorious through magazines, newspapers and in various theatrical and film productions. CUSTER'S LAST RAID was certainly the most visible of all film productions in 1912. Appearing in the movie was Grace Cunard, William Eagle Shirt and Clayton Monroe Teters. In 1925, the film was released again to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the famous battle. This herald, or handbill, was handed out to prospective theater-goers in generate interest in the film. The herald is printed on both sides. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this herald is authentic and very scarce.

FRANCIS FORD - Actor/Director
Grace Cunard - Actor
William Eagle Shirt - Actor
Clayton Monroe Teters - Actor

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