DINOSAURUS! (1960) 25542 Large Format Italian Sci-Fi Movie Poster Ward Ramsey Paul Lukather

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Universal Pictures Original Italian Four-Foglio 79x55 Folded Good Condition

Wikipedia has given a delicious synopsis of this film, so, respectfully we will quote it here. "The movie is about American men building a harbor on a Caribbean island when they accidentally uncover two dinosaurs that have been frozen in suspended animation for millions of years. They are a Brontosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus rex. That night, during a storm, the beasts are struck by lightning and come back to life. The islanders have no idea that the dinosaurs are alive because of the storm and are now roaming the island. Also awoken is a caveman (played by Gregg Martell) who befriends Julio, an island boy, and along with the Brontosaurus get into a series of wacky misadventures, which lead to the death of the Brontosaurus and the caveman. Meanwhile the islanders have found refuge from the Tyrant Lizard King by hiding in the old fortress, which is protected by a ring of burning fuel. To ensure the Tyrannosaurus does not get in, the hero Bart (played by Ward Ramsey) drives out to face the beast in a mechanical digger. The two duel on the edge of an island cliff and, after a tense fight, the Tyrannosaurus is knocked into water, ending the island terror.[2] The film ends with a picture of the apparently dead Tyrannosaurus on the sea bed, with 'THE END' followed by '?' superimposed. Even though the movie ended with a question mark, there was no sequel." The poster is 79x55 and is in very good plus to fine condition. Colors are vivid and there are some distresses. We would recommend linen for this poster. Much, much superior to the U.S. material on the movie. Absolutely original. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions. Art by Bart.

IRVIN S. YEAWORTH - JR. - Director
Ward Ramsey - Actor
Paul Lukather - Actor

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