FOURTEENTH LOVER (1922) 28376 Movie Poster (27x41) Linen-Backed Viola Dana Behind the Wheel! Jack Mulhall Theodore von Eltz Kate Lester Harry Beaumont

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Original Metro PIctures One Sheet Poster (27x41) Linen-Backed Restored to Fine Condition

Original Metro PIctures One Sheet Poster (27x41), on linen, for the Harry Beaumont film THE FOURTEENTH LOVER (1922) starring Viola Dana, Jack Mulhall, Theodore von Eltz, Kate Lester, Alberta Lee, and Frederick Vroom. These folks are out for a drive. We have consulted wikipedia for information about this film. Here is what is reported. "As described in a film magazine,[2] Vi (Dana), daughter of the wealthy Mr. Marchmont (Vroom), has grown weary of her thirteen home-grown suitors and decides to turn to their gardener, Richard Hardy (Mulhall). Richard is a handsome but exceedingly stupid gardener who supports his aged mother (Lee) by trimming wealthy people's bushes. However, he has no use for society ladies who cannot cook or sew. Vi throws herself at his feet and learns how to cook to please him, but he is unimpressed. Her society friends tell lies about Richard to her. She goes to his home and compels him to keep her there all night so that he will be forced to marry her. This ends happily when he "consents" to this plan." Viola Dana was a very big star when this picture was released in 1922. A striking silent film one sheet poster to be sure. MovieArt will sell no reproductions. Vintage, authentic.

Viola Dana - Actor

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