THIS IS MY AFFAIR (1937) 767

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Original 20th Century-Fox One Sheet Poster (27x41). Stone Lithograph. Linen-Backed. Near Mint.

Original 20th Century-Fox One Sheet Poster (27x41) for the William A. Seiter romantic crime drama, THIS IS MY AFFAIR (1937) starring Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck and Victor McLaglen. Set at the turn of the century, Taylor plays a young naval officer who is given a secret mission by President William McKinley to uncover a ring of bank robbers. Taylor infiltrates the gang but falls in love with their female mascot and saloon singer Stanwyck in the process. Besides McKinley, there are actors also playing Teddy Roosevelt and Admiral Dewey. This original one sheet poster is in near mint condition. A truly beautiful example of the stone lithographer's art. This one sheet came from the famous ROYAL THEATER COLLECTION.

Barbara Stanwyck - Actor
Robert Taylor 1 - Actor
Victor McLaglen - Actor
Jayne Regan - Actor
June Gale - Actor

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