IMITATION OF LIFE (1959) 27686 Italian Movie Poster Lana Turner John Gavin Juanita Moore Douglas Sirk Art by Martinati

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Universal PIctures Original Italian 79x109 Eight Foglio Very Good Plus Condition

Universal PIctures Original Italian Eight Foglio Poster (79x108) for the Douglas Sirk directed melodrama IMITATION OF LIFE (1959) starring Lana Turner, John Gavin, Sandra Dee, Susan Kohner, Dan O'Herlihy, Robert Alda, Juanita Moore and Mahalia Jackson. The film was Universal's remake of the famous version from 1934 with Claudette Colbert. The story was an adaptation of a famous novel by Fannie Hurst about two women, one white and one black. The themes of white privilege, racial prejudice and respect, interracial love and social justice were addressed in what was cloaked as the soapiest of soap operas. Sirk brought all the gifts he had perfected in films such as ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS and MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION and used them deftly in IMITATION OF LIFE. Gavin was one of best looking of the Universal Contract players and he courts Turner assiduously. The mixed race daughter of Juanita Moore, played by Susan Kohner, runs away from home to pass for white. And Sandra Dee tries to figure out adolescence while feeling an attraction to her Mother's suitor. And in the middle of all this, one of the few appearances on film by the great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. The drama is all captured here rather remarkably by the Italian master artist Luigi Martinati. And in a big way! Italian eight-foglios are printed on four separate panels which are joined together to present as one poster. This poster is very, very rare. The condition is graded as very good plus and we would recommend linen backing for it. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic Italian eight sheet for IMITATION OF LIFE. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

John Gavin - Actor
Sandra Dee - Actor
Lana Turner - Actor
Susan Kohner - Actor
Dan O'Herlihy - Actor
Robert Alda - Actor
Juanita Moore - Actor

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