JOE FRAZIER VS. MUHAMMAD ALI (1971) 29903 "Fight of the Century" Fight Films Exhibition Poster from 1971

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Boxing Fight Film Poster (27x41) Linen-Backed First Class Excellent Condition

Before the days of pay-per-view, there were fight pictures. These movies were round-by-round records of important boxing matches. Certainly not every fight, not even every championship fight merited this coverage. But for huge fights, such as the bout between Heavyweight champion of the World Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali on March 8, 1971, tagged by boxing pundits and sportswriters as the "Fight of the Century", these fight films were the only way that boxing lovers across the nation could see the fight for themselves. Even though the outcome of the fight would be known, films that were photographed of the fight - round by round - were quickly processed, edited and shipped to various theaters which were engaged to exhibit the fight films. Posters were made for these exhibitions and this is one such poster, a one-sheet which was in fine plus native condition, but which has been linen backed for easy, immediate framing.

Joe Frazier - Actor

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