KING OF KINGS (1961) 4960 Movie Posters British Front-Of-House 8x10 Cards Jeffrey Hunter Siobhan McKenna Hurd Hatfield Viveca Lindfors Rita Gam Bridig Bazlen Nicholas Ray

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Original Group (11) of British Front of House Cards (8x10). Very Fine Plus.

Original Group of eleven British Front of House Cards (8x10) for the Nicholas Ray epic film KING OF KINGS (1961) starring Jeffrey Hunter, Rip Torn, Siobhan McKenna, Harry Guardino, Hurd Hatfield, Robert Ryan, Rita Gam, Brigid Bazlen, Frank Thring, and the amazing Viveca Lindfors. Cinema versions of the life of Christ are not that uncommon worldwide. One of the most interesting is Samuel Bronston's epic production KING OF KINGS from 1961. Over the years the film has taken some considerable derision, yet there is something lively about it that is often missing from other versions. It is certainly more lively than the other Jesus movie of the sixties, THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD (1965), which has a certain majesty on the giant Cinerama screen but can also be rather portentious at times, laced as it is with a huge cast of well known actors. Two elements stand out about KING OF KINGS. The first is its direction by Nicholas Ray, a seemingly odd choice for a sixties-style 70mm epic. But Ray brings something special to the film - a sense of the interior life of the characters. This was his great talent. The second thing is a fabulous film score by Miklos Rozsa. It's a beautiful score and within it is a setting of the Lord's Prayer that is much more beautiful than the famous one which is normally heard. And this cast is comprised of some great actors from Hollywood's B-list, actors who were unafraid to collaborate with Ray in giving the story some verve. These 8x10 color stills from Britain are vivid and hard to find. There are 11 in this group, but this may not be a complete set. Very Fine Plus.

Jeffrey Hunter - Actor
Siobhan McKenna - Actor
Hurd Hatfield - Actor
Ron Randell - Actor
Viveca Lindfors - Actor
Rita Gam - Actor
Brigid Bazlen - Actor
Harry Guardino - Actor
Rip Torn - Actor
Robert Ryan - Actor
Guy Rolfe - Actor
Gregoire Aslan - Actor
Edric Connor - Actor

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