LAS VEGAS STORY, THE (1952) 8738 One-Sheet Movie Poster (27x41) Victor Mature Jane Russell Vincent Price Robert Stevenson Produced by Howard Hughes

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Original RKO One-Sheet Poster (27x41). Linen-Backed Very Fine Plus Condition.

Original RKO One-Sheet Poster (27x41) for the Robert Stevenson film noir crime drama, THE LAS VEGAS STORY (1952) starring Jane Russell, Victor Mature, and Vincent Price. This romantic-triangle love story is about a former cafe singer Linda (Russell) who marries a New York investment broker Lloyd (Price). When the two stop in Las Vegas at Linda's former venue, The Last Chance Club, Lloyd accumulates a huge gambling debt and is later accused of stealing his wife's $50,000 necklace to pawn and get an insurance settlement as well. The local police investigator Dave (Mature), who some years earlier had an affair with Linda before he was sent overseas, tries to sort out the truth about what really happened. When Linda is kidnapped, Dave goes crazy and chases the two across the desert in a helicopter. By the end of the picture, Lloyd turns out to be wanted for embezzlement charges back in New York, which allows Linda to divorce him, take back her old singing job in Vegas, and revive her old relationship with Dave. Besides the excellent performance by Jane Russell, the other stand-out performance of the film are the three songs written by Hoagy Carmichael - "The Monkey Song" performed by Carmichael, "I Get Along Without You Very Well" performed by Russell, and "My Resistance is Low" performed by both of them. This original one sheet poster is linen-backed and in very fine plus condition with only some touch-up at the fold lines.

Vincent Price - Actor
Victor Mature - Actor
Jane Russell - Actor
Robert J. Wilke - Actor
Hoagy Carmichael - Actor
Jay C. Flippen - Actor
Will Wright - Actor
Brad Dexter - Actor
Gordon Oliver - Actor

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