LSD-INFERNO PER POCHI DOLLARI (1967) 28930 Italian Movie Poster Guy Madison Franca Polesello Art by Morini

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Original Italian Four Foglio Poster 79x55 Folded in Average Used Condition

BIMA Original Italian Four-Foglio Poster (79x55) for the sixties drug-crime movie LSD - INFERNO PER POCHI DOLLARI (1967). The English title is LSD FLESH OF DEVIL. The film stars Guy Madison. He's out to intercept a group of LSD traffickers. If this sounds like a crock, it really is! Film rarely dealt accurately or with any nuance to the psychedelic drug revolution of the 1960s. The film is mostly forgettable, but the poster has become a cult classic. Four foglio posters are large format poster comprised of two separate panels which are joined together to present as one poster. Smaller versions of the poster from Italy has been seen at auction, but the four foglio is scarce to be sure. Art by

Guy Madison - Actor
Franca Polesello - Actor

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