NAISSANCE de JESUS (1914) 28815

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Pathe Freres Original Poster 55x85 Linen Backed Fine Plus Condition

Biographical films about Jesus Christ were not uncommon at the inception of cinema. Several were made in different countries, some as short films and some longer. In 1913 Pathe Brothers began to film one of the most elaborate of these films. The film was entitled LA VIE DE NOTRE SEIGNEUR JESUS CHRIST (1914). It was filmed in four separate segments, which were exhibited individually and possibly together as one film. The four segments were entitled NAISSANCE DE JESUS ("The Birth of Jesus"), ENFANCE DE JESUS ("Jesus' Childhood), VIE PUBLIQUE ET MIRACLES ("Public LIfe and Miracles"), and PASSION ET MORT DE JESUS (The Passion and Death of Jesus"). This poster, which dates from the first release of the film in France, measures 55x85 inches. The poster was published in Paris and the printer is Atelier Faria, 6 Rue Steinkerque, Paris. A notation at the lower left reads "IMP des ETABts PATHE FRERES 14. Rue FAVART PARIS". This beautiful poster is one of the best French posters from the early cinema that I have seen. Every aspect of the nativity is dramatized: the angels, the shepherds, the manger, the animals, the star, the Magi. The infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph are bathed in golden light that shines mysteriously from within the manger. The poster has been cleaned and linen-backed with minor touch up. The film was distributed in the United States, both by Pathe and by Eclectic Film Company. The U.S. title of the film is THE LIFE OF OUR SAVIOUR or THE PASSION PLAY and the year of import is 1914. Very nice condition for a poster over a century old. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is authentic. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas does not sell reproductions.

Jacques Normand - Actor

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