NIGHT FIGHTERS (1960) 20094

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Original United Artists Half Sheet Poster (22x28). Rolled. Very good condition.

Original United Artists Half Poster (22x28) for the Tay Garnett war drama, THE NIGHT FIGHTERS (1960) starring Robert Mitchum, Richard Harris, and Anne Heywood. This original British production was titled A TERRIBLE BEAUTY in the UK. Set in Ireland in 1941, Mitchum is a new recruit in a small cell of IRA soldiers trying to free Ireland from Britain. When the IRA decides to collaborate with the Nazis against the British, Mitchum thinks they have lost sight of their original values and betrays the cause. This original half sheet poster has one one razor cut in the poster which we have mended with archival tissue; otherwise, the condition is very good.

Robert Mitchum - Actor
TAY GARNETT - Director
Anne Heywood - Actor

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