NIGHT THEY ROBBED BIG BERTHA'S, THE (1975) 2975 Movie Poster (27x41) Hetty Galen Robert Nichols Doug Hale Peter J. Kares Art by Cardi

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Original Scotia American One Sheet Poster (27x41). Good condition. Art by Cardi.

Original Scotia American One Sheet Poster (27x41) for the Peter Kares comedy, THE NIGHT THEY ROBBED BIG BERTHA'S (1975) starring Hetty Galen, Robert Nichols, and Doug Hale. Big Bertha (Galen) is the full-figured owner of the community's most successful brothel and moonshine enterprise. When some bumbling hicks decide to rob the place, the slapstick shenanigans begin. The film boasts good performances from all major characters and good production values overall. This original one sheet poster is in fine condition. Good example of 70s soft exploitation. Art by Cardi. Pinholes and general use. Good condition, but not fine.

PETER J. KARES - Director
Gary Allen - Actor

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