NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY (1968) 19873

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Original Paramount Pictures Window Card (14x22). Saul Bass artwork. Fine Plus Condition.

Original Paramount Pictures Window Card (14x22) for the Jack Smight comedy crime thriller, NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY (1968) starring Rod Steiger, Lee Remick, and George Segal. This is a character study of a fictional psychopath Christopher Gill (Steiger) who uses various disguises to trick and strangle his female victims. The film boasts a well-written script, excellent costumes and production design, colorful cinematography, and a haunting musical score. This original window card with a modernist design by Saul Bass is in fine plus condition with only some minor scuffs.

Rod Steiger - Actor
Lee Remick - Actor
George Segal - Actor
Michael Dunn - Actor
JACK SMIGHT - Director
Eileen Heckart - Actor
Murray Hamilton - Actor
Doris Roberts - Actor
Barbara Baxley - Actor

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