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Original Italian Four-Foglio Poster 79x55 Folded Assembled Very Fine Condition

Original Italian 79x55 for the Carol Reed masterpiece ODD MAN OUT (1947) starring James Mason, Robert Newton, Cyril Cusack, Dan O'Herlihy and Robert Beatty. Although specific towns and organizations are never referenced in the film, it is clear that the film centers around the conflicts in Northern Ireland between separatists and British soldiers. Mason plays the leader of an militant separatist group who is caught up in a manhunt after a burglary goes south when someone is killed. The palpable tension in the film is balanced with the protagonist's emerging awareness that negotiation and compromise may be more effective than the violent operations he has promoted. The film is very prescient in recognizing the conflicts in the Northern Ireland struggle. The film was enhanced by a stellar cast of actors from the Abbey Theater in Dublin. This Italian poster for the film is also quite fine with art by Carloantonio Longi. Mason is seen apprehensive and hiding. The film was honored with the Best British Film of 1947 by BAFTA. The poster is folded and both sections of the poster have been joined. This is a large poster, so be sure you have room for it. MovieArt guarantees that this poster is an authentic, original Italian 79x55 for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

James Mason - Actor
Robert Newton - Actor
Cyril Cusack - Actor
Dan O'Herlihy - Actor
Robert Beatty - Actor

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