ONE DESIRE (1955) 27730 Movie Poster (41x81) Anne Baxter Rock Hudson Julie Adams William Hopper Natalie Wood Jerry Hopper Art by Roy Besser

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Universal Pictures Original U.S. Three Sheet Poster (41x81) Folded Very Fine Condition

Universal PIctures Original U.S. Three Sheet Poster for the melodrama ONE DESIRE (1955) directed by Jerry Hopper. The film starred Anne Baxter, Rock Hudson, Julie Adams, Carl Benton, Natalie Wood, William Hopper, Edmund Cobb and William Forrest. Soapy drama in the Oklahoma oil patch. Look for a very young Natalie Wood in the film. Anne Baxter was a seasoned actress taking up with the relatively new Universal Pictures contract player, Rock Hudson. This poster has art by Roy Besser. Condition is very fine. Three sheets are large format posters which are printed on two separate panels. These panels are joined together to present as one large poster. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic U.S. three sheet poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

Anne Baxter - Actor
Rock Hudson - Actor
Julie Adams - Actor
Carl Benton Reid - Actor
Natalie Wood - Actor
William Hopper - Actor
Edmund Cobb - Actor
William Forrest - Actor
Guy Wilkerson - Actor

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