PRODIGAL, THE (1955) 15626

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Original MGM Six Sheet Poster (81x81). Near Mint Condition.

Original MGM Six Sheet Poster (81x81) for the Richard Thorpe Biblical epic, THE PRODIGAL (1955)-- starring Lana Turner and Edmund Purdom. Tuner is cast as Samarra, the high priestess of Astarte-- the goddess of fertility and sexuality. This lightly-clad temptress incites Micah (Purdom), the model son of a Hebrew patriarch, to demand his share of the family fortune and go in pursuit of pagan women. Samarra further induces Micah to squander his money and betray his faith. Only after many trials and tribulations does Micah recover his senses and return home to a forgiving father. The film is a lesser light in the pantheon of epic films, but this poster is spectacular. This original six sheet poster is in near mint condition.

Lana Turner - Actor
Louis Calhern - Actor
Audrey Dalton - Actor
James Mitchell - Actor
Neville Brand - Actor
Joseph Wiseman - Actor
Cecil Kellaway - Actor
Francis L. Sullivan - Actor
Jay Novello - Actor
Edmond Purdom - Actor
John Dehner - Actor

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