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Original Paramount Pictures Six Sheet Poster (81x81). Fine Plus.

Original Paramount Pictures Six Sheet Poster (81x81) for the Alfred Hitchcock horror-thriller masterpiece, PSYCHO (1960) starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, and John Gavin. Considered by many critics to be the best horror movie of all time, this film was superlative in every way: its screenplay by Joseph Stefano, based on the novel by Robert Bloch, is extraordinary; each performance is pitch-perfect; the cinematography of John L. Russell is beautiful; and the score by Bernard Herrmann is exceptional. However, the outstanding direction by Hitchcock is the crowning touch of this great film. The handling of every nuance - gestures, glances, sudden changes in lighting - is masterful. The acting by Janet Leigh has often been praised, but the performance by Anthony Perkins with his facial tics and half-swallowed words is subtle, cool, unsettling, and just plain creepy. Prior to PSYCHO, horror movies were monsters, zombies, werewolves, and vampires. This film was the first true "psychological thriller." Though we have become jaded with legions of realistic gore films since this movie was released, seeing a nude woman murdered in the shower was something no one had experienced yet in 1960. This original six sheet poster is unbacked, and in fine plus condition. Some minor condition issues exist, and this poster is a prime candidate for linen backing and display -- or just to own as an artifact of this important Hitchcock movie. We do recommend linen backing for this poster. Please ask us about poster restoration services. We have shown this poster as the four individual panels which make up the full poster. Large photos are available of each panel. Please email us for details.

Vera Miles - Actor
John Gavin - Actor
Janet Leigh - Actor
Martin Balsam - Actor
John McIntire - Actor
Frank Albertson - Actor
Lurene Tuttle - Actor
Mort Mills - Actor
Patricia Hitchcock - Actor

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