QUIET ROOM, THE (1996) 20418

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Original Fine Line Features One Sheet Poster (27x41). Double-sided. Rolled. Very fine condition.

Original Fine Line Features One Sheet Poster (27x41) for the Rolf der Heer childhood drama, THE QUIET ROOM (1996) starring Celine O'Leary, Paul Blackwell, and Chloe Ferguson. This is the story of a girl who closes herself off from the world and quits talking altogether. The audience, however, does hear the girl's narration and her answers to all the questions of her parents, who are on the verge of divorce. Colors are very important in this film. The girl feels empty and alone when she wears blue; conversely, she feels happy and loved when she wears red. This original double-sided one sheet poster is rolled and in very fine condition.

ROLF de HEER - Director

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