ROCK BABY - ROCK IT (1957) 2577 Rare rockabilly lobby card set Johnny Carroll Johnny Dobbs Preacher Smith Dallas, Texas Early Rockers Murray Douglas Smith

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Original United Pictures Complete Lobby Card Set (11x14). Near Mint Condition.

Original United Pictures Complete Lobby Card Set (11x14) for the Murray Douglas Sporup crime musical, ROCK BABY: ROCK IT (1957)-- starring an array of local Dallas, Texas musical acts of the late 1950s, including Johnny Carroll and Johnny Dobbs. The faint whiff of a plot has a bunch of middle-aged mobsters trying to take over teen nightspot. The resourceful kids decide to hold an impromptu benefit concert to raise enough money to save their beloved hangout. But the plot exists solely as a flimsy excuse to showcase a bunch of hot local musical acts. This film is certainly one of the grubbier of the cheap "rocksploitation" movies churned out in the 1950s. But if you can get beyond the cheap sets and hopelessly stiff acting, the sincerity and eagerness of the performers makes the overall shoddiness both forgivable and strangely endearing. These lobby cards evoke the rockabilly era as well as any film posters that we know. This original set of lobby cards was used in a theater, or possibly the set could have been aggregated by a collector. But the cards vary somewhat in condition. We have photographed all of the cards separately and we can send you photographs of each on request. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this set of lobby card is an authentic, vintage set of card for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

Johnny Carroll - Actor
Johnny Dobbs - Actor

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