SHOOTIST, THE (1976) 24878

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Paramount Original Italian Two-Sheet Poster 39x55 Folded. Very Fine

Original Paramount Pictures Italian 2-sheet poster for the Don Siegel classic western, THE SHOOTIST (1976) starring John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, and Ron Howard. In his last movie, Wayne plays an aging former gunfighter who learns that his is dying of cancer, and the film chronicles the last week of his life. John Wayne fell ill during production and was hospitalized for two weeks. Indeed, the actor would never make another movie and died of cancer three years later. Although not nominated for an Academy Award, many critics consider this to be his finest performance. This original Paramount one sheet is in very fine condition. The last wonderful film of John Wayne was also the last wonderful John Wayne poster. The art by Richard Amsel, which was used on the U.S. one sheet, was also used for the Italian 39x55. Mr. Amsel died of AIDS in 1985.

James Stewart - Actor
Lauren Bacall - Actor
DON SIEGEL - Director
Richard Boone - Actor
John Carradine - Actor
Scatman Crothers - Actor
Sheree North - Actor
Hugh O'Brian - Actor
James Nolan - Actor
Henry "Harry" Morgan - Actor

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