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THE SINGING HILL Original Republic Pictures Title Lobby Card (11x14). Fine Condition

Original Republic Pictures Title Lobby Card (11x14) for the Lew Landers musical western, THE SINGING HILL (1941) starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Virginia Dale, and Mary Lee. This is the story of a spoiled society girl Jo (Dale) who agrees to sell her inheritance, which will cause the local ranchers to lose their free grazing land. But in the end, Jo becomes ashamed of her greed and determines to keep the sale from going through, and happy days return to the valley again. This was an excellent Gene Autry movie with good songs, great scenery, and lots of action, including the obligatory chase scene where Autry does some fancy riding and roping. This original title lobby card is in fine condition.

LEW LANDERS - Director
Gene Autry - Actor
Virginia Dale - Actor
George Meeker - Actor
Mary Lee - Actor
Smiley Burnette - Actor

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