STRANGE FASCINATION (1952) 9551 Movie Poster Scene Lobby Card 11x14 Cleo Moore Hugo Haas Mona Barrie

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Original U.S. Lobby Card (11x14) Very Fine Condition

Columbia Pictures Original U.S. Scene Lobby Card (11x14) in very fine condition for the Hugo Haas directed film noir STRANGE FASCINATION (1952). This rather good film noir is the first movie pairing Hugo Haas and Cleo Moore. Wikipedia has an interesting take on the film: "The life of Paul Marvan (Haas), a world-famous concert pianist, is ruined after his marriage to beautiful femme fatale Margo (Moore). Margo is hardly a femme fatale. She's one of many blondes in Hugo Haas' films who is trying to do her best with men coming at her every second. She's actually sensitive, smart and compassionate. If you actually listen to the dialogue of this movie, it's quite grown up, especially the final conversation between Margo and Marvan's patron, Diana Fowler. The level of honesty in this film is as powerful as it is unexpected. It has also been noted, especially by Czech scholar Milan Hain, that the plot also recalls Hugo Haas' brother Pavel (1899-1944) who died in the camps. Not only does the main character take on the career of a musician, but his brother's name as well." The film also features Mona Barrie, Rick Vallin and Karen Sharpe. This is a nice shot of Moore. The card is in very fine condition. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this card is authentic.

Cleo Moore - Actor
Mona Barrie - Actor
Rick Vallin - Actor
Karen Sharpe - Actor

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