TOO LATE BLUES (1961) 9505

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Original Paramount Pictures Scene Lobby Card (11x14). Fine condition.

Original Paramount Pictures Scene Lobby Card (11x14) for the John Cassavetes drama, TOO LATE BLUES (1961) starring Bobby Darin, Stella Stevens, Everett Chambers, and Nick Dennis. This is the story of jazz musician "Ghost" Wakefield (Darin), who never craved fame and fortune until he met singer wannabe Jess (Stevens), a woman who has been misused by men all her life. Darin creates a very realistic character as the bandleader who just concentrates on the transcendental beauty of a mellow, instrumental type of jazz. But Jess wants him to play the more commercially successful blues. In this scene card, Stevens is shown at a bar with a martini. An unknown player and actor Val Avery admire her. Stevens was one of the lesser starlets of the 1960s, but ooh la la. Have a cocktail! Fine condition. Very small tear in lower border area - about 3/8 inch.

Stella Stevens - Actor
Seymour Cassel - Actor
Bobby Darin - Actor
Vince Edwards - Actor
Mario Gallo - Actor
Nick Dennis - Actor

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