TWONKY, THE (1953) 10107 Movie Poster U.S. Folded Three-Sheet Very Good Hans Conried Edwin Max Arch Oboler

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United Artists Original Three Sheet Poster (41x81). Folded. Very Good Condition

Original United Artists Three Sheet Poster (41x81) for the Arch Oboler science fiction comedy, THE TWONKY (1953) starring Hans Conreid, William Lynn, and Gloria Blondell. What if you found out that your TV could walk and talk.? This is what Hans Conried discovered in this cultish fantasy. Not only can the TV walk and talk but also displays the capability of managing its owners entire life. Charm and science fiction would not resonate so well again until Steven Spielberg introduced us to the E.T. The film was based on a short story by Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore (writing as Lewis Padgett.) This three sheet poster is a large format poster printed on two separate panels which are joined together to make one poster. The dimensions are 41 inches by 81 inches -- this poster is large. We show here a stock image of the poster. We can photograph the copy we have and email it to you. Condition is very good.

Hans Conried - Actor
ARCH OBOLER - Director
Edwin Max - Actor

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